Kombat™ 12 Hour Mosquito Repellent - DEET Free pump spray provides long‐lasting, 12 hour effective protection from mosquitoes and ticks, and 10 hour protection from black flies. Not oily, greasy or sticky. Will not damage fishing lines, plastic or other synthetic materials. It smells great too.


  • Pump Spray
  • DEET free formula
  • 12 Hours of effective protection
  • Delivers Extra Strength Protection
  • Contains Saltidin® brand Icaridin

Directions for Use:

Hold 15 to 20cm from skin while spraying, keeping nozzle pointed away from face. Slightly moisten skin with a slow sweeping motion. Apply sparingly, not under clothing and only when necessary. Do not apply directly to face or to excessively sunburned skin. TO APPLY TO FACE: Spray hands and apply avoiding eyes and mouth. Apply sparingly around ears. Do not spray in enclosed spaces. Reapply if necessary after 12 hours for protection from mosquitoes and ticks, and 10 hours for protection from black flies.

Guarantee: Icaridin.......20%

Use only as directed on the label. Keep out of reach of children.


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